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scally blog

Christmas Treat- 2 Dec 2007

As Christmas is coming up soon, UK Scally Lads thought it would be nice to give you a special treat in form a short video we filmed before a recent shoot involving Kyle, Tyler and Cameron. Dressed in little more than thongs, Santa hats and tinsel these three naughty little elves soon have their hands all over each other and ... well just watch and enjoy!! I wouldn't mind any of those crackers in my stocking on Christmas Day!

It's been another month of hectic filming of some fit, hot scally lads for your future entertainment and enjoyment. Although the shoots themselves can be fun, there is a lot of planning and organising that goes on beforehand and it doesn't always go smoothly! The number of times models say just before a shoot "something has cropped up" or similar is uncanny. Most of the guys we have worked with though have been terrific and we would like to think that they enjoy working with us, as we are pretty informal and laid back.

As you will probably have seen, we have just posted a really horny session between two models who have worked with us before - fit Ricky and the gorgeous cute Geordie boi Mark! Then coming up over the next few weeks we will feature some more horny solo shoots, including new models Dave and Adam, and another hot duo shoot featuring Tyler and Mark. Just watch in awe as Tyler pumps Mark arse so hard he can barely take it any more! Actually Mark loved it, so much so that he asked us for Tyler's phone number after the shoot!

Anyway, watch out for a very special Christmas offer in the next couple of weeks. If I don't get chance to write another blog in the next few weeks, have a very happy Christmas and New Year, don't drink and eat too much, but make sure you watch as much scally lad porn as you can!!


Free Membership- 29 Oct 2007

Here at UK Scally Lads its been another busy month, filming, editing and posting some hot horny shoots of fit hard scally lads for your pleasure and enjoyment. Whilst its been hard work, its also a lot of fun! Coming up in the next couple of weeks or so we will be posting vids and pics featuring some horny duos featuring existing models Leo, Si, Ricky, Kyle and Mark and a solo shoot from Jamie, a porn "virgin"!

Since the last blog we've had some good positive feedback from some of our members. This is always appreciated because it makes all the effort of putting the site together more worthwhile. We are keen to receive as much feedback as possible, both positive and negative, and any suggestions to improve the site.

For this particular blog we are specifically appealing for the submission of any horny scally stories you may have (whether a true life experience or just made up in your dirty little mind lol). We want them to be as horny and dirty as possible, but must not include any references to lads under 18 years old. Also they should not be subject to any copyright restrictions. But we know you scally lads (and scally lovers) have a shed load of stories that we're sure you'd love to share with everyone. We will post the best ones on the site.

You don't have to be a member of the site to submit a story. In fact, to encourage you to submit your stories we are offering the writer of the horniest, filthiest story featuring scally / chav / rudeboiz lads FREE membership of the site for one month. If you can write it in "scally speak" all the better! We are already looking forward to judging this competition!

We are still looking for new locations to use for shoots, especially sports changing / locker rooms and industrial premises, including rundown ones with graffiti, etc. If you know of, or have access to, such locations please get in touch.

In terms of marketing we are also looking for someone with experience of promoting an adult website to help us market / promote our site. We can't offer much of a salary but would be certainly willing to offer a commission based on the number of new members you could attract to the site. Again contact us for more details.

All the best


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